Serious Home Brew Starter Kit

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Make filter coffee like a pro. This kit includes all the essential items to brew café quality filter coffee at home:

  1. Rhinowares hand grinder: to grind your beans as freshly ground coffee is the first step in making better coffee at home.

  2. Gold Mesh Filter: to make an exceptional brew quickly and easily. A 23 Karat, gold-plated filter and BPA-Free filter body, the Gold Mesh Filter is the cheaper, eco-friendly alternative to the coffee capsule and the espresso machine.  It is permanent (no need to buy replacement paper filters all the time), reusable, energy efficient and recyclable. Great for work, camping and travelling.

  3. Rhinowares bench scale: is a necessity for consistency in any aspect of brewing. The Rhino 2kg Bench Scale features a large stainless steel weighing platform to fit your Gold Mesh Filter. Weigh every dose and water as you go and simply wipe down the easy-clean platform if you make a mess. 

  4. 250g of Filter Coffee from Nine Yards Coffee current filter coffee offering.
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