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Product image 1Born This Way Blend - Nine Yards Coffee
Product image 2Born This Way Blend - Nine Yards Coffee
Product image 3Born This Way Blend - Nine Yards Coffee
Product image 4Born This Way Blend - Nine Yards Coffee

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Tasting Notes: Apple | Creamy | Wild & Tropical Fruits


Our Born this Way blend is a homage to natural processed coffees. Our founder and head roaster, Bobby, has a an incredible appreciation for natural processed coffees. It was natural processed coffees that really drew him into coffee and how coffee can push boundaries. Each coffee season we source the best available natural processed coffees and create this unique blend to showcase to you our passion for natural processed coffees.

What we mean when we say natural process coffee is that the path the coffee fruit takes from the treelet to the cup involves less complex intervention at the farm level than other methods, like washed or honey process coffees. In the natural process, the whole coffee fruit is left intact to dry after being harvested, which ultimately affects a coffee’s flavor. In some regions, natural process is known as “dry process.”

In the natural process, coffee fruit (often called “cherry”) is harvested from its home on a shrub or small tree. Then natural process coffees are set out straight away to dry in the sun skin-on, meaning the beans receive flavor from the fruit pulp and sugars as part of their development. Ideally, coffee will be harvested at a fully ripe red state to ensure consistency, something that’s especially important in this process. This path—harvest, then dried in the sun with the skin-on—is markedly different from what’s popularly known as the “washed” process, where a coffee is run through depulping machines and washing channels to have the fruit removed and the beans inside cleaned of any fruit and sticky mucilage.

In the natural process coffee may be dried on raised beds or tables, or laid out on drying patios. It may take two weeks or longer to achieve the desired result of the fruit being completely dried around the bean and ready for hulling. During this time, some fermentation will inevitably occur, affecting the flavor of the coffee in a range of ways from pleasingly fruity to downright funky. Some practices that can attenuate fermentation help avoid undesirable characteristics in the coffee, like regular rotation of the coffee as it is drying. After the coffee is fully dried, the dried fruit around the bean is then removed with machinery.

Espresso Recipe:

Dose: 23 grams

Output: 44 to 46 grams

Time: 33 to 38 seconds


Brew Style: Versatile

Origins: Sao Judas Tadeu, Brazil | La Flecha, Colombia

Elevation: 1300 to 1380m | 1700 to 2100m above sea level

Variety: Catuai &  | Castillo

Process: Natural & Honey

Producer: Antônio and Terezinha Rigno de Oliveiras | La Cooperativa de Cafes
Especiales de Nariño



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