Brightside Blend

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Tasting Notes: caramel, chocolate, nutty, tropical fruits

Our house blend that we serve at our cafes. Made up of fresh, bright, seasonal coffees. This blend is designed to be versatile. Great for espresso/black coffees but also compliments milk based coffees too. 

Our Brazil component brings warming flavours of nuts and cocoa, along with caramels from our Colombian component. The Ethiopian Natural adds mouthfeel, sweetness and tropical fruits to create complexity that our Brightside blend is famous for.

Espresso Recipe:

Dose: 23 grams

Output: 44 to 46 grams

Time: 33 to 38 seconds


Origins: Brazil/ Colombia / Ethiopia                                    Process: Washed and Natural

VarietiesCaturra, catuai, bourbon, Colombia, Ethiopian Heirloom

Relationship Length: 6 years


Colombian component: 72 small-scale coffee growers, members of Grupo Asociativo de Café Especial de Tarqui

Brazil component: Various small scale farmers from the micro Araponga region within the Matas de Minas in the estate of Minas Gerais.

Ethiopia component: Chelbessa farm in Yirgacheffe

The name 'Brightside Blend' is influenced by a goal of a brighter future for the coffee industry. The coffees that make it into this blend are sourced sustainably where farmers are paid fairly.

At Nine Yards, we spend a lot of time on sourcing the coffee we purchase. We research and learn about farms, their ethics, their goals and their commitment to quality.


To learn more, check out our Drinking Responsibly page;


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