Brazli Francisco Isidro Pereira Acai Natural

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Tasting Notes: tropical fruits | milk chocolate


The Santa Inês Farm is home to 35 registered employees and approximately 80 people in
total, comprising 13 families residing in houses provided by the farm with complete
infrastructure, including water, electricity, and sewage. The remaining families live in
Olímpio de Noronha, a city located 3 km from the farm. In addition to their salaries, all
families receive benefits such as milk, coffee, medicines, etc.
This Acai lot was meticulously chosen by our sorting team and subsequently underwent a 72-hour anaerobic fermentation. Following this, the cherries are spread out
on raised beds and left to dry for 28 days until they reach the optimal moisture level.


Brew Style: Versatile

Origins: Minas Garais

Elevation: 1,100 – 1,300m above sea level

Variety: Catuaí

Process: Natural

Producer: Sertao Group

Sourcing Partner: Cofinet



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