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Nine Yards Coffee Roasters is a multi-award winning coffee company based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. We are a passionate team that prides ourselves on being hands on. From roasting everything on site, choosing which farms we want to work with and selecting the finest coffee from around the world.

We recognize the huge importance of sustainability. Everyone needs to benefit to be successful and we ensure the price paid to farmers is enough to secure their commitment and investment in quality for long-term production. Many farmers are taught new methods through education programs which reduces their environmental impact and is also crucial in the face of climate change. In return, we source amazing coffee, but also help develop long-term relationships with communities.

Our name originates from the expression “going the whole Nine Yards”. This has become a daily mantra and influences every decision made. It is about a meticulous process, a passion for quality and a focus on integrity. Coffee is always freshly harvested, sourced sustainably and is traceable to the farms or regions where it was grown.

The logo is inspired by the tough grinding burrs in a coffee grinder, and resembles a gear. This is a symbol of hard work and cooperation. Nine Yards is part of a big picture; from the farmers, to the roasters, to the final cup.

There is unity and passion that goes into creating a coffee that we are proud to share with you.

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